Unsafe Road

Unsafely Designed and Maintained Roadways and Highways

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Peter Alfert help clients who are or have been severely injured as a result of roadway conditions which caused accidents. The defendants in these cases are the State of California, Cities, Counties, public entities/construction companies responsible for creating the dangerous condition and, occasionally, individual property owners.

Examples of Our Cases

Our lawyers build their cases upon a strong foundation of experience in personal injury litigation. In addition, our attorneys have significant resources that we use to construct compelling arguments when clients have been injured in motor vehicle accidents due to conditions which include:

  • Guard rails and/or median barriers damaged or missing
  • Incorrect ditching or drainage causing water to pool on roadway
  • Obstacles close to roadway
  • Gravel on roadway
  • Missing or burned-out street lights
  • Pot hole in roadway
  • Failure to warn of road hazards
  • Falling trees
  • Black ice
  • Unreasonable delay in repairing unsafe roadway conditions
  • Sight distance obstruction
  • Unsafe fixed objects
  • Drop off and dangerous shoulders
  • Dangerous Sidewalks

Injuries caused by these conditions are frequently catastrophic, and can lead to extensive medical treatment, lengthy recovery time, long-term or permanent disability or death. Our attorneys have helped clients obtain compensation for traumatic brain injuries, spinal chord injuries, serious orthopedic injuries amputations, burns and other significant medical conditions related to accidents involving unsafe roadway conditions.

Our law firm consults with experts in areas such as roadway design and maintenance. We also work with specialists, such as life care planners, rehabilitation experts and vocational counselors in cases of catastrophic injury and disability. This allows us to develop realistic proposals for full compensation including and recover past and future wage loss, medical expenses and pain and suffering.

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