Abuse in Schools Press Coverage

$2 Million Dollar Settlement in Title IX Case Involving Middle School Sexting Ring

Attorney Peter Alfert’s firm files lawsuit against Tobinworld and AUSD for abuse of special needs student

An East Bay special needs school faces legal action following multiple allegations of student abuse.

Autistic Student and his Mother Sue Lansing School District, District Officials and Special Ed Teacher Lester Duvall

A 13-year old Lansing boy and his mother filed a suit against Lansing School District (LSD) and several of its top administrators in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan today. The Complaint asserts former tenured LSD special education teacher Lester Duvall abused students with the district’s full knowledge for more than a decade before he attacked and seriously injured the young plaintiff in 2014.

2 of 6 Families Reach Settlement with Rocklin School District over Teacher’s Abuse of Special Education Students

Roseville Parents Sue Teacher, School District Over Alleged Racially Based Abuse

A Roseville special education teacher faces criminal charges after allegedly abusing at least two of her students.

Webcast: The 8 signs of child abuse in the special education classroom

Special Education Civil Right’s Attorneys Peter Alfert and Todd Boley talk at length about the state of child abuse in our nation’s classrooms.

Fresno Student Allegedly Caged by Elementary School Teacher

A Fresno mother discovered her daughter locked in a cage at elementary school; filed claims against the teacher and school administrators.

Families Claim Children Were Abused By Rocklin Special Education Teacher

The parents of the two students have filed a claim against the Rocklin Unified School District, alleging a teacher physically and psychologically abused their children.

N.H. Special Education School Faces Abuse Allegations

Two families filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against a highly regarded residential and day school for special education students in New Hampshire, alleging that several staff members verbally or physically abused their children.

Attorneys Peter Alfert and Todd Boley Announce Shocking Abuse Of Special Needs Preschoolers Leads To New $8 Million Settlement By Brentwood Union School District

Pattern of Abuse of Special Needs Children Has Led to Two Contra Costa School Districts to Pay a Total of Nearly $17 Million to Local Families in One Year

Antioch school district settles student abuse case for $8 million

The Antioch school district announced Wednesday night it will pay $8 million to the families of eight kindergarten special education students over a teacher child abuse case and the failure of administrators to report abuse suspicions to the proper authorities.

Timeline of Antioch school district’s handling of Theresa Allen-Caulboy case

Antioch: Three parents of autistic kindergarten children file federal civil rights lawsuit claiming teacher abuse

With the filing of a federal lawsuit Wednesday, a horrific child abuse scandal burst into public view in the Antioch school district, involving three autistic students who allegedly were slapped, pinched and verbally abused by a teacher — and school officials who failed to report the accusations to police as the law requires.

Brentwood teacher’s abuse leads to $950,000 settlement, attorneys say

The Brentwood Union School District has agreed to pay $950,000 to a Contra Costa family whose 5-year-old special needs child was thrown to the floor and kicked by a teacher in a classroom two years ago, one of many complaints of physical and mental abuse by the teacher that went unreported to authorities as mandated by law, according to attorneys.

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