Personal Injury Attorneys

Our Clients
Our law firm represents individuals who come from diverse backgrounds. The common thread that unites them is the severity of the injuries and wrongs they have suffered. Their losses are real and often life changing. We believe that all clients deserve the representation and advocacy that will provide them with dignity and justice.

Our Reputation
Our attorneys have earned a reputation as some of the most competent, successful plaintiffs’ attorneys in the State of California. Our lawyers have been elected to leadership positions in numerous local, state, and national legal organizations. Our colleagues and opposing counsel hold our attorneys in high regard because of our commitment to the civil justice system and our success on behalf of countless clients.

Our Resources
Our firm uses its extensive resources for our clients’ advantage. Our lawyers prepare well-researched exhibits that may include videos, animation, drawings, injury diagrams and accident scene reports. We bring physical evidence, such as parts of motor vehicles or defective consumer products, into court to give juries a better understanding of the issues involved in the case. We also rely on the knowledge of highly-regarded specialists in the appropriate fields, such as medicine, engineering, and forensics.

Our Fees
Our fee structure is simple. If we do not win the case, the client pays no attorney’s fee. We prepare cases for trial by mobilizing our years of experience and our attorneys’ substantial resources.